Our audio studio facilities are complete with the latest digital and vintage analogue gear




1 x 2600 "2601 V3.0" 1979 G Clef Logo Analog Synth Black & Orange version With 3620 Duophonic Keyboard

1 x 2600 "2600P V1.0" 1971 Tonus Logo Analog Synth (4017 VCO's & 4012 VCF) With 3604 Keyboard

1 x 2600 "2600P V3.0" 1974 G Clef Logo Analog Synth (4027-1 VCO's & 4012 VCF) With 3604 Keyboard

1 x 3620 Duophonic Keyboard

1 x Odyssey Mk II Model 2813 Analog Synth

1 x Pro Soloist Model 2701 Analog Synth

3 x Omni Model 2480 Analog Synths

1 x Little Brother Model 2953 Analog Synth Expansion Module (4027 VCO)

1 x Sequencer Model 1613 (Analog Sequencer)


1 x Virus KC


1 x Aelita Russian Analog Synth With MIDI


1 x AX-80 Analog Synth

1 x AX-60 Analog Synth


1 x Andromeda A6 16 Voice Analog Synth


2 x DS-2 Analog Synths

1 x Orchestrator Model OTR Analog Synth

DAVE SMITH                           

1 x Poly Evolver Analog Synth


1 x ElectroComp 101 Analog Synth With Built-in Factory Reverb Option

1 x ElectroComp 101 Analog Synth

1 x ElectroComp 500 Analog Synth


1 x Proteus 2000

1 x Proteus 1XR

1 x Audity 2000


1 x k1


1 x Oasys 88 REV 1.3.3 With 2GB RAM, EXS1, EXS2, STR-1, LAC-1, MOD-7 & EXS3

1 x MS-20 Analog Synth

1 x Mono/Poly Analog Synth

1 x PolySix Analog Synth

1 x SQ-10  (CV & Gate Analog Sequencer)

1 x MS-04 Analog CV Foot Pedal

1 x MS2000R

1 x TR-Rack

1 x O3R/W

1 x M1

1 x M1R

2 x M3R

1 x Micro KORG


1 x Memorymoog Analog Synth

1 x Minimoog Model D Analog Synth With MIDI

1 x MIDIMOOG Analog Synth Module With MIDI

1 x MIDIMINI Analog Synth Module With MIDI

1 x Prodigy Analog Synth with Factory CV & Gate Inputs

1 x Source Analog Synth

2 x Satellite Analog Synths

1 x Minimoog Voyager version 3 Analog Synth

1 x Little Phatty Tribute Edition Analog Synth


1 x Supernova Rack (20 Voices) Rev 4.1

1 x KS Rack


1 x FVS-1 (Four Voice) Analog Synth (1975)

1 x SEM "Synthesizer Expander Module" Analog Synth Module With Internal MIDI, (1975)

3 x OB-8 Analog Synths

1 x OB-Xa Analog Synth With 8 Voices, 120 Patches & Foot Pedal

1 x Xpander Analog Synth

1 x MATRIX 6 Analog Synth

1 x MATRIX 1000 Analog Synth Module


1 x Chroma Expander Model 1633 Analog Synth Module With Syntech MIDI

1 x Chroma Polaris Model 2123 Analog Synth


1 x Rheem Kee Bass Analog Bass Synth


1 x Jupiter 8 Analog Synth 12 bit version with Encore Midi and 2 x Memory

1 x Jupiter 6 Analog Synth

1 x MKS-80 "Super Jupiter" Analog Synth Module Rev 4

1 x MPG-80 programmer

1 x VP-330 Vocoder Plus Mk I "Analog Strings, Human Voice/ Choir & Vocoding"

1 x Juno-106 Analog Synth

1 x JX-3P Analog Synth

1 x D-50

2 x D-550

1 x JD-800

1 x JD-990

1 x JP-8080

1 x JV-880

1 x JV-2080

1 x MKS-20

2 x MKS-50

1 x PG-300 Programmer

1 X u-220

1 x V-Synth GT

1 x XP-80


1 x Prophet 10 Rev 6.1 Analog Synth With MIDI, Sequencer, Braemar

2 x Prophet 5 Rev 3.3 Analog Synth With MIDI

1 x Prophet VS Rev 1.2 Analog Synth

2 x Pro-One Analog Synths

1 x Six-Trak Analog Synth


1 x Omega 8 Analog Synth With 8 Voices

1 x ATC-X Analog Synth

1 x SE-1 Analog Synth


1 x Omnichord System II OM-84


1 x 110F Analog Synth


1 x Q Rack

1 x Micro Q


1 x EX20 Expander (20 Voices)


1 x CS-80 Analog Synth With Foot Pedal

1 x CS-15 Analog Synth

1 x DX7-IIFD

1 x DX100

1 x Motif ES8

1 x Motif 6

1 x TG77

1 x TX802

2 x TX816's (16 DX7's In Module Form)

1 x TX81Z

360 SYSTEMS                            

1 x Midi Bass




1 x Sequencer Model 1613 (CV & Gate Analog Sequencer)


2 x MPC Renaissance

1 x MPC Studio

2 x MPC 60

2 x MPC 60II

2 x MPC 2000

1 x MPC 2000XL

2 x MPC 3000LE

2 X MPC 4000's 512MB, 8 Analog Outs,  ADAT, SPDIF & Word Clock


1 x DR-55 Dr. Rhythm


1 x SPS-1UW Sampling Version


1 x Drumulator

1 x MP-7

1 x SP12 Turbo

1 x SP1200 Reissue


1 x ASR-X


2 x F9000 Drum Machines, Fully Blown With 64K 18-Pad Sampling, SMPTE & Large Display

HOHNER/ BOHM                     

1 x Hohner Drum Performer/ Bohm Digital-Dums


3 x LinnDrum's With Forat MIDI


1 x Rhythm King MRK-2


1 x SQ-10  (CV & Gate Analog Sequencer)


1 x Oberheim DSX (Midi/ CV & Gate Analog Sequencer)

1 x Oberheim DMX With Midi


1 x CR-78 CompuRhythm

1 x MC-4 (CV & Gate Analog Sequencer)

2 x MC-909

1 x SPD-20 Pad system

1 x TR-808

2 x TR-909


1 x DrumTraks

2 x Studio 440


1 x Cyclodon (CV & Gate Analog Sequencer)

TOUCHED BY SOUND            

1 x Syncussion DRM1


1 x Digital Clap Trap

1 x SDS1 

1 x SDS7 





2 x S1000 16-bit stereo samplers WIith 32MB, SCSI, and digital in/out

2 x S3000XL 16-bit stereo samplers

4 x S2000 16-bit stereo samplers


2 x Emulator II 8-bit samplers


1 x ASR10 stereo 16-bit sampler with 16 MB & SCSI

1 x ASR10-R stereo 16-bit sampler with 16 MB & SCSI

1 x EPS 12-bit sampler with 2.1MB RAM


2 x F16 samplers, limited Edition, with internal Zip drive, remote and SCSI interface


1 x Kaoss Pad


2 x DPX1 sample players, one with SCSI Option


2 x S-50 12-bit samplers

1 x RC-100 Programmer


1 x Prophet 2002 Plus 12 bit samplers

5 x Prophet 3000 16 bit samplers




2x Yamaha 02R (40 x 8) Digital Mixing Console (VR2) With Sides, Meter Bridge, 3 ADAT & 3 DA88                                                                 Digital Interfaces
1x Soundtracs Solo Logic Analog Mixing Console (32 x 8) Mixing Board
1x Soundtracs Solo (24 x 8) Analog Mixing Console
1x Mackie CFX20 (20 x 4) Mixer
2x Tascam MM1 (20 x 2) Line Mixers
1x Roland M160 (16 x 2) Line Mixer



4x Alesis ADAT XT  8-Track Digital Recorders With BRC Remote
1x Tascam DA88 8-Track Digital Recorder With Remote & SMTPE
3x Tascam DA38 8-Track Digital Recorders
1x Tascam TSR8 8-Track 1/2" Reel-To-Reel Analog Recorder
1x Tascam 688 8-Track Analog Cassette Recorder
1x Tascam 122 Mk II Cassette Recorder
1x Tascam DA-20Mk II DAT Recorder
1x Tascam CD-RW2000 CD Recorder
1x Tascam 202Mk II Cassette Recorder
1x Teac C-3RX Cassette Recorder
5x Akai DR16 16-Track Digital Recorders With 36 GB Drives, SMPTE, MIDI & VGA options
1x Akai DR16 Pro 16-Track Digital Recorder
1x Digidesign 002
1x Digidesign MBOX
1x Otari MX-5050 2-Track Reel-To-Reel Analog Recorder
1x Otari DTR-8S DAT Recorder
1x Panasonic SV3700 DAT Recorder
1x Philips DCC Digital Tape/ Cassette Recorder
1x Marantz CDR610Mk II CD Recorder
2x JVC RC-M70JW Boombox
1x JVC TDW-999 Cassette Recorder
1x Aiwa 6700 Cassette Recorder



1x API Lunchbox With 2 x 550A EQ & 2 x 312 MIC Pre
1x Neve 1272 Stereo MIC Pre
1x Neve 1272 Mono MIC Pre
1x Neve 33115 Stereo MIC Pre & EQ
1x ADL C/L 1500 Stereo Tube Compressor
1x Digitech Vocalist II
1x DOD Graphic EQ
1x Roland SRV 2000 Reverb
1x Roland SDE 3000 Digital Delay
1x Eventide H3000S Ultra Harmonizer With All Presets
2x Lexicon PCM80 Digital Effects Processors
1x Lexicon PCM90 Digital Effects Processor
1x MicMix Master Room XL-305 Stereo Spring Reverb
1x Valley People Dyna-Mite Compressor
1x Aphex Aural Exciter Type C
1x Aphex Expressor
1x Yamaha REV 7 Effects Processor
2x Yamaha SPX90 Multi-Effects Processor
1x VOX ToneLab LE Amp & Effects Modeling Pedal
1x Alesis MidiVerb4 Effects Processor
1x ART SGE Multi-Effects Processor
1x Rane ME15 Graphic EQ
1x TC Electronics Finalizer Plus
1x TC  Electronics M3000 Effects Processor
2x JLC MSB+ MIDI Patch Bays
4x Switchcraft PB 40 1/4" Patch Bays
4x Switchcraft TT Patch Bays
1x  AKG C12VR Tube Microphone
1x AKG 414 EB Microphone
1x AKG C 414 B-ULS Microphone
1x Audio-Technica 4033 Microphone
1x Audix CX-101 Microphone
1x Shure SM-57 Microphone
1x Harmon-Kardon Citation 22 Amplifier
1x Harmon-Kardon Citation 21 Preamplifier
1x Samson Servo 240 Amplifier
1x Sony STR-AV770 Audio/Video Control Center
1x Tannoy LGM Monitors
1x Tannoy PBM8-LM Monitors
1x Yamaha NS10M Monitors
1x JBL 4312A Monitors
1x Genelec 1031A Monitors
1x Genelec 1092A Subwoofer
4x Sony MDR 7506 Headphones
1x AKG K240 Headphones
1x Yamaha MA10 Headphone Amp
1x Kenton Pro-4 MIDI To CV Converter With Optional 4 Channel Hz/V
1x Roland MPU-101 MIDI To CV Converter
1x MOTU Midi Time Piece
1x Garfield Dr Click Sync Box

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