The LinnSequencer
32 Track Midi Sequence Recorder
The LinnSequencer

The LinnSequencer was a state-of-the-art composition and performance tool for the professional musician. It is extremely powerful, yet amazingly simple to learn and use. Its many remarkable features include:

  • Operation is similar to a multi-track tape recorder with PLAY, STOP, RECORD, FAST FORWARD, REWIND, and LOCATE controls.
  • Each of the 100 sequences contains 32 simultaneous, polyphonic tracks. Each track may be assigned to one of 16 MIDI channels. Simultaneously plays up to 16 polyphonic synthesizers!
  • Ultra-fast 3½ disk drive stores complex songs in seconds and holds over 110,000 notes per disk!
  • One or all tracks may be TRANSPOSED at the touch of a key.
  • Exclusive real-time ERASE function makes editing FAST.
  • Exclusive REPEAT function automatically repeats any held notes at a pre-selected rhythmic value.
  • TIMING CORRECTION works during playback and operates without "chopping" notes.
  • Optional SMPTE time code synchronization.
  • Optional remote control.
Recording a Sequence

To record a sequence, simply press
RECORD and PLAY, then play your MIDI keyboard in time with the sequencer's click-track. When the sequence loops back around to bar 1, you'll hear what you played—only all timing errors will be corrected! (Timing corrections may be adjusted or defeated). Any additional notes played will be added into the track—existing notes are not erased while recording!

FAST FORWARD, REWIND, and LOCATE controls may be used at any time to quickly access any location in your sequence for spot-recording. To overdub a new part, select a different track and start recording—while you record, the first track will play in perfect sync (unless you MUTE it, or SOLO another track). In this way, up to 32 tracks may be overdubbed. All MIDI effects are recorded including pitch bend, modulation, velocity, after-touch, sustain pedal, and program changes.


To erase a wrong note, simply hold ERASE and press the note to be erased just before it plays in the sequence—when played back, it will be gone. Notes may also be added, erased, or changed using the SINGLE STEP function. To overdub notes at specific points within a sequence, simply use LOCATE, FAST FORWARD, or REWIND to find the desired bar number, then start recording.

The INSERT/COPY function allows you to move bars from one location to another—in the same sequence or a different one. For example, you might insert a copy of the first verse between the second chorus and the bridge. DELETE BARS operates the same way to remove unwanted sections.

Creating a Song

One way to create a song is to record each track all the way through (up to 999 bars). Another way is to record each basic section (verse, chorus, etc.) in individual sequences, then use the CREATE SONG function to "chain" them together. CREATE SONG will then automatically copy all the parts into a new sequence. If desired, you can even set the last few bars to repeat infinitely, for a fade-out.

Composition Without Compromise

The technology you use should never be so complex that it interferes with the creative process. That's precisely why the LinnSequencer is designed to let you compose, record, and edit while devoting your undivided attention to your music. See your Linn dealer today for a demonstration!

Additional Features

  • Simple, easy to learn operation—the 32 character LCD display clearly guides you through all operations. If needed, the HELP button displays additional explanations.
  • Non-destructive recording—existing notes are not erased while recording.
  • Two FOOTSWITCH INPUTS may be assigned to remotely control many of the commonly used functions, including ERASE, REPEAT, PLAY/STOP, or LOCATE.
  • Two TRIGGER OUTPUTS may be programmed to output pulses at any selected note value.
  • Will sync to standard LinnDrum or Linn 9000 sync tone.
  • Utilizes ultra high-speed, 8 MHz 80386 16-bit computer internally for FAST operation.
  • TEMPO may be specified in BEATS-PER-MINUTE or FRAMES-PER-BEAT at 24,25, or 30 frames per second, (even drop frame!)
  • TEMPO may be centered numerically, adjusted in tenths of a Beat-Per-Minute increments, or by tapping quarter notes on the TAP TEMPO button.
  • TEMPO CHANGES may be programmed into a sequence with smooth transitions if desired.
  • Any TIME SIGNATURE may be used, and may be changed within a song.


LinnSequencer with disk drive/7.04 software and 40000 notes/memory & MIDI clock and Songpointer$1000
Disk Drive Kit$350
6.62 Software, MIDI Songpointer and 40000 Notes$250
7.04 Software Update$150
Both above Updates together$350

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