Introducing a new breed of rhythm machine:

The LM-1 Drum Computer from Linn Electronics. The LM-1 has real drum sounds not synthesized noises, but real drums, digitally recorded and stored n memory and it's programmable. You put in your own drum beats in real time. Odd time signatures? No problem, Your timing's a little off? No problem. The LM-1 understands and corrects the error. But music isn't just drum beats. The LM-1 can be programmed to play all parts of a song- intro, verses, lead-ins, fills, endings, etc… And it can overdub to tape. Surprisingly easy to operate. The LM-1 was created for musicians, not technicians. Take it out of the box, hook it up, and it’s ready to play. You'll be laying down top-notch rhythm tracks in a matter of minutes. But it doesn't have to end there. The more you work with it, the more it can do. The possibilities are endless.

You can hear the LM-1 on Prince's songs WHEN THE DOVES CRY & 1999!

" We offer all of our original LM-1 sounds in any format including on chips to

 use in LinnDrum or any other drum machines"


Real Drum Sounds-Digital recordings stored in computer memory

12 Drums: bass, snare, hi hat, cabasa, tambourine, two toms, two congas, cowbell, clave, And hand claps!

All drums tunable in pitch

13 input Stereo Mixer

Separate Outputs

100 Drum beats-all programmable in real time

Automatic error correction in programming

"Human" Rhythm Feel made possible by special timing circuitry

Able to program flams, rolls. Build-ups, open and closed hi hat, etc.

Programmable dynamics

Any time signature possible

Plays Entire Song (intro, verse, chorus, fills, ending, etc.)

All programmed parts remain in memory when power is off.

Readout of speed in beats-per-minute

Versatile editing

Programmed data may be stored on cassette tape to be loaded back in later

May be synced to tape

Easy to understand and operate

Summary of Controls


VOLUME- Master stereo output level.

SPEED- Control adjusts speed. Pushing speed button displays digital readout of speed in beats-per-minutes.

DRUMS-Pushing any button causes specified drum to sound. In record mode, causes drum to be recorded into displayed drumbeat. Hi hat has open and closed buttons.

Bass, snare, hi hat, cabasa, and tambourine have two volume levels for dynamics.

MIXER- All 12 drums and recording metronome have faders and pan switches (left, center, right).

PLAY/STOP- Hit once to play, again to stop.

SELECT DRUMBEAT- Hitting two digits selects any of 100 drumbeats (00-99).

RECORD DRUMBEAT- Record: Holding RECORD before play puts LM-1 into record mode. Drums may now be overdubbed in real time onto specified drumbeat. While holding RECORD: Lower readout displays % of memory available for recording, Upper readout displays Auto correct mode. Using Auto-correct, Record entries may be specified to be "moved" to the nearest 1/8 note, 1/8 note triplet, 1/16 note, 1/16 note triplet, 1/32 note, or 1/32 note triplet, facilitating error correction. Also, a variation of notes to be "shuffled," normal, or up to six positions in between.

COPY: Allows copying of one drumbeat to another.

ERASE: You may erase: (1) The entire drumbeat, (2) One drum throughout the drumbeat, or (3) One drum at one location in the drumbeat.

LENGTH: Allows setting the length of the drumbeat anywhere from nothing to hours, Enables odd time signatures, 1/2 bars, entire verses, etc.

CHAIN- Allows drumbeats to be "chained" together to create a song format. Simply type in drumbeats in the order you wish them played, then hit "play." There are eight "chains," each holding up to 99 "links." Editing features include: fast forward, rewind, insert, delete, change.

TAPE STORAGE- Allows programming of drumbeats or "chins" to be stored on cassette tape for later retrieval.


OUTPUTS- Stereo HI level and LO level, plus separate outputs for each drum.

PITCH ADJUST- Each drum's pitch may be adjusted individually.

HI HAT DECAY- Adjust decay of closed hi hat.

INTERNAL CLOCK OUT- Outputs clock pulses for synthesizer or sequencer at note value specified by rotary switch (1/4 note-1/192 note).

EXT. CLOCK- LM-1 may be driven by external clock oscillator.

RECORD/ SAFE SWITCH- prevents accidental erasure of data when in "safe" position.

TAPE SYNC- Record "TO" signal on one track of multi track tape, and play it back into "FROM" to overdub in sync.

REMOTE START/STOP- Allows foot switch to duplicate function of play/stop switch.

TAPE STORAGE- Connect cassette tape here for "tape storage" functions.

POWER- 110 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Fused at 1 A.

OVERALL SIZE: 21.5" wide x 21" deep x 5" high


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